Western Union

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What is Western Union?

Western Union is a popular payment mode that has broken the geographical barriers of money transfer. Founded in 1851, the company was initially into telegraph services and moved into electronic money transferring services in 1871 when it started gaining prominence. It has been nearly 150 years, and the company continues to grow from strength to strength.

Today, Western Union is well-known all over the world. It has established its presence in nearly 200 countries and deals in transfers and payments in over 130 currencies of the world. Western Union has handled over 1 billion transactions all over the world and is still gaining.

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How does Western Union work?

Western Union offers an easy way to transfer money from person to person at different locations. It is popular both for domestic money transfers and for transferring money overseas. There are more than 500,000 agent locations all over the world, and you can also easily access the services online.

Domestic transfers

Western Union works in a very simple way. All you got to do is go to an agent location and write down the name and the location of the person that you want to send money to. After this, choose the amount that you want to send. You would also need to pay a fee according to the amount that you want to transfer. Once you have handed over the money and the fee, the clerk at the counter will give you a control number. You would need to give the control number to whoever you are sending money to.

The person receiving the money would need to visit a Western Union location wherever they live. They need to give the control number to the clerk at that location and also show some government-issued identification. Western Union will then pay out the money transfer and that too in just a matter of minutes.

Overseas transfers

When it comes to international money transfers, Western Union is the go-to choice for many all over the world. It is quicker than an international wire transfer, and you do not need to deal with banks and bankers. International money transfers work in pretty much the same way as domestic transfers, with some added scrutiny to prevent cases of fraud.

What are the different ways to send money through Western Union?

With Western Union, it is possible to send money 24/7. You can easily and safely send money online, in-person, by phone, or through the mobile app.


Western Union makes it very easy to send money right from the comfort of your home. You can either use the Western Union website (WesternUnion.com) or transfer using the mobile app. You would need to first register an account, which is free. Once you have an account, you can simply log in to your profile and use a range of services to complete your transactions. Payments can be made with a bank account, credit card, or debit card. You can conveniently send money to another bank account, an agent location, or even a mobile phone. Once you send the money, you receive a confirmation email with a tracking number so that you can ensure that your money gets to where it is needed.


Western Union is a great option even for those who are not very tech-savvy. If you like to transfer money the old-fashioned way without using the Internet, all you need to do is walk into any of the agent locations. There are over 500,000 agent locations globally, and surely you can find one close to where you live. You can choose between sending money in minutes or opt for the next-day service. With the in-person service, you can transfer money to a bank account or a mobile phone. The person that you are sending money to also has the option of collecting the money from an agent location close to where they live. They also have the convenience of either picking up the money in cash or by prepaid card.

By phone

Can you still transfer money if you are traveling and not at home? With Western Union, yes, you can. All you got to do is pick up your phone and dial the toll-free number of Western Union. Speak with a representative who will guide you all the way to transfer your money quickly and easily. You will, however, need a credit or a debit card, and you can send money anywhere in over 200 countries globally.

How do you receive money through Western Union?

Receiving money through Western Union is as easy as sending money through it. Before anything else, speak with the sender and find out what delivery method they had used. If they have sent you cash, you would need to visit a nearby agent location. You would need to have the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that the sender has provided you and a government-issued ID. Once you present the ID and the MTCN number, you can have your cash in a matter of minutes.

If your sender has loaded a prepaid card for you, you would need to call the number at the back of the card. You may also log into your prepaid card account to check the funds available.

At some locations, it is also possible to receive the money in a bank account or a mobile wallet. Log on to the Western Union website or speak to a representative to see if you can avail of these options.

Can you use Western Union for payment at online casinos?

Yes, you may use Western Union to make payments at online casinos as it is considered one of the most trusted payment options in the world. It is safe and quite flexible too. Nowadays, several casinos accept Western Union.

You may refer to the recommended websites at WildWins.com to find out which casinos accept Western Union. Rest assured, all our recommended websites offer the highest level of security and a superb gambling experience.

How can you use Western Union for online casino deposits?

Even though Western Union is a very popular payment method, there are still some casinos that do not accept payments through it. If you wish to make your online casino deposits through Western Union, first choose a website that accepts payments through it.

It is very simple to find out if your casino accepts Western Union. All you need to do is look for the WU logo among all the banking options listed on the website. If you find the logo, you are good to go. If not, you may want to choose another casino. At WildWins.com, we offer a huge list of safe, reliable, and legitimate online casinos. You may choose one of the casinos that accept deposits through Western Union.

If your casino accepts Western Union, follow these steps to make a deposit:

  • Make an online account on the website of your chosen casino. Most websites allow you to register an account for free.
  • Your casino operator may want to receive funds in a specific way. See if you can find the information on the website. If not, you may contact the customer support department, and they can provide you all the recipient information that you will need to make the deposit.
  • You will now need to go to your nearest Western Union location to make the transfer. If you are comfortable doing it online, you can also make the transfer using the Western Union website or through your mobile app. You can also make the transfer by phone if you wish to. Make sure that you enter the information correctly, as in your ID documents. The same holds true for the information provided by the casino as well. Once you pay the amount and the transaction fee, you will be provided with the Money Transfer Control Number.
  • Unlike other transfer methods like Visa or Mastercard, your funds are not automatically updated in your casino account. Once you have transferred the money, you would need to contact the casino customer support and share the MTCN with the representative you speak with. Your representative will use the MTCN number to identify your deposit and then credit your account with the received sum. Once your account has been credited, you are all set to play with real money.

Like any payment method, Western Union also has a few pros and cons. Let’s check them out.

Pros of using Western Union for online gambling

Western Union offers worldwide coverage

Western Union comes with an impeccable track record of nearly two centuries. The company has amassed a massive global coverage over the years. It is now available in more than 200 countries across the world.

Your transactions are safe and secure

Western Union’s stellar reputation is also a result of its emphasis on the safety and security of your transactions. The company uses a variety of encryptions and security certificates to prevent third-party intrusions.

You can choose between various deposit options

There are a wide variety of deposit options that senders can choose from and recipients also have just as many options when receiving the funds. With Western Union, you can customize your experience by choosing an office, currency, and money transfer service of your choice.

Your transactions are fast and convenient

Over the years, Western Union has strived to improve its speed and efficiency, which also bears testament to its emphasis on excellent customer satisfaction. Your transactions are not just convenient but also happen within a matter of minutes.

Cons of using Western Union for online gambling

The biggest downside to using Western Union for online gambling is that not all casinos accept it. Other cons include:

There may be several withdrawal restrictions

More and more casinos have begun accepting Western Union for deposit payments. However, the same can’t be said for withdrawals. There are very few casinos that allow withdrawals through Western Union, which can be quite inconvenient.

You have to pay a transaction fee

Another downside to using Western Union is that there is a transaction fee levied on every transaction that you make. If paying a transaction fee every time bothers you, you may want to opt for other options like Visa or Mastercard, where there are hardly any processing charges.

How to withdraw your winnings using Western Union?

It is possible to withdraw your winnings using Western Union, provided your casino offers the withdrawal option in the first place. Before you start, check with your casino customer support if it is possible to withdraw your money using Western Union. If it is, then place a request with customer support, and they can provide you with the MTCN number. Remember that customer support can’t share the MTCN number immediately. Your representative can give you a fair idea about the timeframe.

Once you have the MTCN number, you can use it to withdraw your winnings at any Western Union agent location.

There are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind:

  • You will be charged a transaction fee on your withdrawal.
  • Withdrawing through Western Union may take longer than other banking options. Sometimes, withdrawals may take upwards of 5 days.


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