How do you pay at a real money casino?

At a top-rated online casino, you will find multiple payment methods, the goal being to allow players to choose a deposit method they’re familiar with or prefer over others.

Playing cards with dice and casino chips for casino games

Visa and Mastercard: 70% of the American population carries a credit card, and many have more than one card. As a US player, you can make deposits and withdrawals using your credit card or debit card. Click for more information.

Bitcoin: Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender but they’re not prohibited. As cryptocurrencies are unregulated, gambling sites can process transactions easily. Click for more information.

American Express: Fewer online casinos accept American Express credit cards compared to Visa or Mastercard, but many process payments using this method. Click for more information.

Western Union: You can use your credit or debit card to fund your casino account through Western Union. Click for more information.

eCheck: You can also use an eCheck, requesting funds from your bank electronically via ACH or Automated Clearing House. Click for more information.

US deposit method: Prepaid cards and gift cards are other top online casino methods for US players. Click for more information.

Prior to 2006, e-wallets were offered as a payment method for online gamblers from America. Following the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), depositing at online casinos has become less easier than before. The UIGEA cracks down on payments linked to unlawful wagers, going after illegal gambling sites as well as the payment processors that associate with them. For this reason, popular e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are missing from US-friendly casinos online.

Choose the right banking option

Are online casino deposits safe? Funding your account should be easy, quick and secure, and this is usually the case, at least when you’re playing at a trusted casino. vets US-friendly casino websites, making recommendations based on multiple casino features, including banking options.

How to make a deposit

  1. Have a look at our reviews and recommended casinos. Select the operator that strikes you as ticking all the right boxes as far as your requirements go.
  2. Visit the casino website and click on the ‘Join Now’ button placed under the welcome bonus offer or at the top right corner of the Home Page/Landing Page.
  3. Sign up with your personal details.
  4. Click on the ‘Cashier’ tab and select your preferred payment method.
  5. Make your first deposit using this method. If you’ve chosen Visa as a payment method, enter your credit card information. Then select the deposit amount.
  6. After the casino approves your deposit, the money will arrive into your online account and you can start playing!

Your deposit is usually processed instantly, and you receive a notification after a successful transfer.

Note that casino websites conduct a security check on players, confirming the personal information you provide during sign-up to verify your identity, such as whether you’re of legal age to gamble online and the payment information belongs to you.

Collect your winnings

When you win real money by applying your skill or getting plain lucky, you will want to cashout quickly. Withdrawing your winnings is not instantaneous as making a deposit, taking 2-3 business days to process your request.

Depending on the banking method you’ve chosen, withdrawals can occur quickly or take some time. Some may not offer a cashout method using the option you chose to deposit money into your account. For example, you may not be able to use a prepaid card to withdraw your winnings.

Restrictions on withdrawals

There are rules around withdrawing the money you’ve won at slots, table games, bingo and lottery. This may be due to the fact that casino operators need sufficient cash flow for operations and investments. Withdrawal limits are also a way to encourage players to continue playing. Being able to withdraw large amounts can sometimes push players to wager all of it. Restrictions also serve as a safeguard to deter unreasonable risk-taking behavior.

The wagering requirements at the casino are the first thing to note as they inform you how many times you need to play through the bonus before making a withdrawal. For a 10x wagering requirement and a $200 bonus, you’re required to wager 10×200 or $2,000 before you can cashout winnings from playing the bonus money. When reviewing online casino payment options, we check if wagering requirements are high or low, and how easy it is easy to beat them and cashout quickly.

There are withdrawal limits on the amount of winnings you can transfer to your bank account or bitcoin wallet over a pre-determined period of time. Usually, withdrawal limits at US-friendly casinos are lower, averaging between $2,500 to $4,000 per week. A time limit also applies, specifying the number of times you can make withdrawals. Combining amount and time, the requirement may be $2,500-$4,000 per week up to four times a month. Daily, weekly or monthly withdrawal limits may apply, which we check on your behalf and make sure to mention in our reviews.

Steps to withdraw winnings

The actual process of requesting withdrawals to your bank account or bitcoin wallet is quick and straightforward.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click through to the ‘Cashier’ page (goes by ‘Wallet’ or ‘Banking’ also)
  3. Select the ‘Withdrawal’ option to initiate your request
  4. Select a payment method. You can use the deposit method you’ve chosen for withdrawals as well. You can also choose to cashout using a different option by entering the required details.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  6. Confirm your selections and get a confirmation on withdrawal.

Different payment methods

American Express offers many lucrative awards and is very safe and secure. No wonder that most gambling enthusiasts want to use their AMEX credit cards at online casinos. However, the online gambling industry has several legislative restrictions that can make using AMEX cards pretty complicated.


Bitcoin is a popular decentralized virtual currency accepted by many US-friendly online casinos.


  • Deposit and withdraw funds in complete anonymity
  • Quick and safe transactions
  • No fee charged for withdrawals to your bitcoin wallet


  • Some online casinos don’t yet accept bitcoin
  • May be difficult for the less tech savvy

How to deposit:

  1. Visit to choose a bitcoin wallet. Download the wallet to your iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, or Mac device.
  2. Select a cryptocurrency exchange and purchase bitcoin using your credit card or via wire transfer.
  3. On the ‘Cashier’ page, select bitcoin as your payment method.
  4. A unique address will appear on screen. Enter the address in your bitcoin wallet.
  5. Enter the deposit amount and confirm the transaction.
  6. The funds will reflect in your account within a few minutes.

How to withdraw:

  1. Visit the ‘Cashier’ page, select bitcoin as the withdrawal method, and choose the amount to cash out.
  2. A unique address will be generated in your bitcoin wallet. Copy the address and paste it in the withdrawal form on the casino site.
  3. Complete the transaction and receive bitcoins in your wallet in just a few minutes.

Visa and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards are the go-to banking option for online gamblers from the USA.


  • Globally recognized and trusted payment methods
  • Simple, quick and secure transactions.


  • Risk of entering your card details on casino sites
  • Waiting times of 1-5 days

How to deposit:

  1. Connect the credit/debit card to your bank account.
  2. Select Visa or Mastercard as your deposit option on the ‘Cashier’ or ‘Banking’ page of the casino website.
  3. Enter your card details (name as it appears on the card, card number, expiry date and CVC/CVV) and deposit amount.
  4. Confirm the payment by entering the unique code sent to your mobile phone or email for the purpose of verifying your identity as the cardholder.

Most online casinos don’t charge a fee for processing deposits (this information can be found on the  terms and conditions page).

How to withdraw:

  1. Visit the same page and select VISA or Mastercard as your withdrawal method.
  2. Select the amount you want to withdraw.
  3. The money will be wired to your card account in 2-5 days.

American Express

American Express is a leading provider of charge cards. If you use your AMEX card often, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it to fund your gambling account.


  • Quick and safe
  • Cardholders eligible for attractive rewards


  • Longer waiting times to get paid
  • Annual card fees
  • Available at fewer online casinos

How to deposit:

  1. Visit the ‘Cashier’ page
  2. Select American Express as a deposit method.
  3. Enter your AMEX card information and enter the deposit amount.
  4. The funds will become available in your casino account instantly.

How to withdraw: 

  1. On the ‘Cashier’ page, select American Express for withdrawals. Confirm if it is the same AMEX card you used to deposit funds into your account.
  2. Enter the amount you want to cash out.
  3. Withdrawal to your AMEX card can take up to five days. 

Western Union

Western Union is an established financial services company offering online and in-person fund transfers.


  • Quick and secure
  • Available at fewer casinos


  • Processing fee of up to 4% on transfers
  • Longer waiting times to get paid

How to deposit:

  1. Create your profile on the Western Union website.
  2. Enter the amount. Enter the casino’s bank account details.
  3. Pay using your credit or debit card.
  4. Upon payment, you’ll receive a tracking number that you can share with the casino to track the funds.

How to withdraw:

  1. Go to the ‘Cashier’ section
  2. Choose Western Union as the withdrawal method.
  3. Enter the amount you want to cash out.
  4. Confirm the withdrawal.
  5. Get the MTCN code from the casino to track your money.
  6. Withdrawals to Western Union can take up to six days.


An eCheck is the digital version of a paper check.


  • Quick, easy and safe
  • No or nominal transaction fee


  • Available at fewer casinos
  • Risk of sharing your bank account number
  • May not be available for withdrawing winnings

How to deposit:

  1. Verify if funds are available in your checking account.
  2. Go to the ‘Cashier’ section and select eCheck as the deposit method.
  3. Enter your bank’s name, account number and bank routing number. Input the deposit amount.
  4. The casino will request money from your bank. You get a notification on your phone or email.
  5. The funds will become available in your account within 1-3 days.

How to withdraw:

  1. Visit the ‘Cashier’ section and select eCheck as the withdrawal method.
  2. Enter the payment amount.
  3. Input bank name, branch, account type (checking or other) and account number.
  4. Confirm the payment.
  5. Funds will reflect in your bank account within three days.

US Deposit Methods

You can even make USA online casino deposits using prepaid cards or gift cards, which are loaded with cash in advance. A prepaid card can be reloaded and used many times. A gift card contains a specific amount of money that can be used for multiple transactions up to that dollar amount.


  • Safe
  • No fees
  • Accessible to US players


  • Smaller deposit limits
  • May not be available for withdrawing winnings
  • Faster payouts

How to deposit:

  • Navigate to the ‘Cashier’ section. Choose prepaid card/Visa gift card as the deposit option.
  • Enter the gift card number, security code, expiration date and deposit amount.
  • Confirm payment; funds become available instantly in your casino account.

How to withdraw:

  • Visit the ‘Cashier’ section. Select prepaid card/gift card as the cash out option.
  • Enter card details and withdrawal amount.
  • Confirm the request. Your card will be topped up with the winnings within a day or two.

Are there any benefits of using American Express cards at online gambling sites?

When it comes to making payment at online gambling sites, players can choose from a wide variety of options, including cryptocurrency, debit cards, and credit cards.

Wherever allowed, players can receive several benefits by using their AMEX cards at online casinos. Some of these benefits include:

  • Special casino bonuses

At some online casinos, you can get exclusive bonuses or promotions for making payments with your American Express credit card.

  • Less time needed for making deposits

With AMEX cards, you can make deposits almost immediately. By spending lesser time on payment options, you get more time to play their favorite casino games.

  • Convenient mobile app

The American Express mobile app is available for both Android and Apple users. It instantly sends a notification to the users when a deposit or withdrawal has been made from their account. With the user-friendly mobile app, players can easily keep track of their spendings.

  • Reward points for spending

For every purchase that AMEX cardholders make, they receive reward points. They can accumulate these points and use them to spend on travel, retail, and other online transactions.

  • More card options

Those who do not own a credit card or do not want to use it for online gaming can use AMEX debit cards and prepaid cards.

  • Better security

American Express issues as well as handles all cards directly. Since it is the only concerned party involved, queries and transactions are resolved much faster with AMEX.

How to make a deposit using American Express cards at online casinos?

Despite restrictions, American Express credit cards are being accepted by many online casinos, and the numbers continue to grow day by day. All AMEX cards are protected by strong encryption technology, which prevents misuse of your card by unauthorized people.

Before you make a deposit, ensure that the online casino that you have chosen accepts AMEX cards. At, you can find a long list of reliable casinos that accept American Express cards. Use our trusted reviews to choose the right casino for you.

Different casinos also have different minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements. When using your AMEX card to make a deposit, make sure that you put in at least the minimum deposit amount before you start playing.

Once you have shortlisted the casino, you must first create an account on its website. Generally, casinos do not charge any fee for registering an account on their website.

Once your online account is created, navigate to the deposit page on the website. You can find the deposit page on the main navigation menu of most online gambling sites. On the deposit page, select American Express as your preferred mode of payment.

Like online shopping, when depositing your AMEX card, you will need to enter certain information like the card number, card holder’s name, and security code. After entering these bits of information, you would need to enter the amount that you wish to deposit in your online account. You will also be asked to enter an additional piece of security information that you may have received via text or email on your mobile phone.

Your transaction is processed almost immediately after you have confirmed the information. With American Express credit cards, your payment hits your online casino account in just a few moments. With your account credited, you are now ready to enjoy your favorite casino games online.

American Express credit cards are widely used globally. Yet, they come with a few pros and cons of their own.

Pros of using American Express credit cards for online gambling

  • Depositing money in your online casino account is simple, easy, and very quick.
  • American Express cards have a higher deposit limit compared to other credit and debit cards. If you are in the mood to play higher stakes, American Express is the way to go.
  • Using American Express on online gambling sites is a good move as it offers consumer protection for players.
  • American Express cards are one of the safest as they use advanced encryption technology for enhanced security.

Cons of using American Express credit cards for online gambling

  • American Express credit cards are not as widely accepted as maybe a Visa or a Mastercard. However, the number of casinos accepting AMEX cards is growing steadily day by day.
  • Even though many casinos accept American Express credit cards for making deposits, you will not find the same ease and convenience when making withdrawals. Not many casinos accept AMEX cards for withdrawing your winnings.
  • American Express cards offer smaller bonuses as compared to other deposit methods like Bitcoin.

How to withdraw from online casinos using American Express cards?

American Express cards come with a lot of benefits when used at online casinos. Unfortunately, there are very few online gambling sites that accept American Express cards for withdrawals.

You may want to look for information on the website that shows that the casino accepts AMEX cards for withdrawal. If you can’t find the information on the website, speak with the customer support department to make sure your casino accepts American Express cards for withdrawal.

If your casino accepts American Express for withdrawals, you will first need to log in to your online account. Then navigate to the withdrawal page of your casino’s website. Select American Express as your preferred mode of withdrawal and then enter the amount that you want to withdraw.

Before you can withdraw your winnings, the casino needs to confirm your identity. You may be asked to submit some personal identification for confirmation, like an email or a recent statement with the sensitive information redacted.

The timeframe for withdrawals varies from casino to casino. The information for the same is generally updated on the withdrawal page of the casino’s website. If not, you may want to check with the customer support team to confirm the exact timeframe for your withdrawal.

In most online gambling websites, it takes between 1-2 days for your withdrawal request to be processed. It takes another 3-5 days before you can receive the funds.

With American Express, the safety of your financial information should be the least of your worries. Safety is the top priority for AMEX and it uses cutting-edge technology to prevent third-party intrusions and other unlawful access to your personal and banking information.


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