Roulette with Wild Wins

Roulette is a classic and sleek, luck based, luxury table game. It’s super simple to play, so open to players from all walks of life and it will make you feel alive as you watch the wheel spin, with growing anticipation, waiting for the ball to fall into 1 number. Whether you’ve tried Roulette before, or are a novice, you’ve come to the right place to begin experimenting and trying out of the different variants of the game, as we have a fantastic selection on offer just waiting for you to play.

Roulette was born in 1655, in France, and simply translates to ‘little wheel’ in English, which pretty much sums up this joyfully easy table game. All you need to do to play is place a bet on 1, or multiple numbers from 0 (or 00 for American Roulette) to 36, on the table, the croupier will spin the Roulette wheel and which ever number the ball lands in when the wheel stops spinning is the winning number. To increase your enjoyment and strategy you can place different kinds of bets that will reward you with different payouts. The highest payout will always be for a single number, as it is the hardest win to achieve and will normally reward you with 35:1, so not only is this an easy game to master, but it is also highly rewarding! You can place simpler bets that increase you chance of winning, but in turn, reward less well, for example you can bet on all red or black numbers, all odd or even numbers, but your return will be 1:1 as you have a 50% chance of winning. It really is as simple as that, which makes it a beautifully, thrilling table to play and win at.

You’ll get the whole, world class, casino vibe when you play with us, as we offer an extensive range of life-like, computerised Roulette tables, which are masterfully designed with ease of play and a classic, casino feel in mind. There is something for everyone as we have high and low stake tables, American and European variants and different styles from different developers. If you’re ready to jump in and get spinning with online, simply sign into your Wild Wins account and click the Roulette tab on our casino home screen. If you are new, you’ll need to sign up for a Wild Wins account first, but don’t worry it takes just a few seconds and we have some awesome joining bonuses to get your bankroll started.