Progressive Jackpot Slots with Wild Wins

Progressive jackpot slots are the most exciting slots available due to the promise of huge rewards. They work exactly the same as a normal online, video slot, but they include a jackpot prize that builds up as you play-that’s the progressive bit. For every spin you make, a small percentage of your wager will be contributed to the pooled jackpot, so the more people playing, the quicker the jackpot grows. The jackpot can be local or global. If it is a local jackpot, only players at Wild Wins casino can contribute to the jackpot, but if it is a global jackpot, it is made up of contributions from every player spinning on that slot across many casinos joined in a network, which is pretty darn exciting. When the jackpot is won, it will reset and the whole process starts again.

Progressive jackpot slots have the potential to make you a millionaire over night, it can even happen on a single spin, but often takes a lot of patience and perseverance, you may not even hit the jackpot at all, which is a scenario all players should be prepared for. Almost every developer in the market has at least 1 progressive slot on offer, which means we have loads for you to choose from, but they vary in difficulty and features. On some games you will enter the jackpot zone through the bonus features, others you can hit it in the base game. You will need to open each one and check the jackpot metre to see the current jackpot amount and then decide if you want to spin with that slot or not.

If you are up for some wilds wins, high thrills and want to try your luck at becoming an instant millionaire, then you will find a home in progressive jackpot slots. There really is no better place for you in the world of online gaming.

If you are a new player to Wild Wins, make sure you check out our bonus joining offers, as they will help get your bankroll booming and let you try out progressive jackpot slots without worrying about your balance. Good luck everyone and have a wonderfully wild time spinning.